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Gravlax - Cured Salmon Bites (200-250g)

Gravlax - Cured Salmon Bites (200-250g)

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Nutrition in 100 g: (3.5 oz)
Energy:                 796 kJ / 191 kcal 
Fat:                        12,0 g 
Saturated fat :       2,o g 
Carbohydrate:       0,3 g
of which sugar:      0,3 g
Protein:                   20,4 g

Salt:                        1,8 g

Allergy: Fish

Salmon, salt, sugar, dill, pepper

Bites of cured salmon, Vacuum packed

Shelf life 21 days, 2-3 days after opened.
Store in cool place 1-3°

Packing:200-250gr (7-9 oz)
Store in a closed packaging in a dry and cool place 1-3 °C for 21 days and 2-3 days after being opened.

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