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Bezt on Lamb Spice Blend

Bezt on Lamb Spice Blend

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In Bezt á lambid (lamb) are only quality spices. Parsley, basilikum, mint, rosemary, majoram, oregano, lemon pepper, paprika, litle bit of salt (comes with the lemon pepper) and some more spices in smaller portions.

Bezt á lambið is the first blend that Stefán and Hjördís started to sell in their grocey store in autumn 2004. The blend was popular right away encouraged them to put more blends from their own kitchen in to jars and start selling them to people that wanted good spiceblends made from quality material. Like the name points to it is specially good for lamb meat but also popular on oven baked potates, vegitable gratin, on raw wild fish and all kinds of oven dishes.

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