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Bezt on Beef Spice Blend

Bezt on Beef Spice Blend

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In the Bezt á nautið (beef) there are only quality spices. They are lemon pepper, black pepper, rosemary, paprika, basilikum, parsley and some more spices in smaller portions.

Where is “Bezt á nautið” from?

Like many people know it is tradionary to put only salt and pepper on a beef steak. And why? Simply because until now that is all that has been available for those who love a good steak. But no one has to grief over this any more because Bezt á nautið is an extraordinary good blend on beef that gives the right taste to the boarder of the steak but does not steal the taste from the meat on the inside. We don‘t have to explain that the liquid that comes from the meat with this spice blend on it is just heavenly and can be used to make every sauce better. Also the spice blend makes casual minced beef dishes into a very tasteful meal.

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