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Bezt on Turkey Spice Blend

Bezt on Turkey Spice Blend

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In the Bezt á kalkúninn (turkey)  there are only quality spices. They are paprika, lemon pepper, majoram, mint, oregano, parsley, sage and some more spices in smaller portions.

Where is “Bezt á kalkúninn” from?

This was the fourth blend from Stefán and Hjördís. Many people had asked Stefán if he could make a turkey blend as they all agreed on that there was lousy selection of turkey spice on the icelandic food market. Stefán was willing to design a turkey blend and used great help from good friends that were used to cooking turkey every now and then. And the outcome was great, the spice is loved by those who love turkey. Every year this blend grows in sale as it seems that those who use it once will use it again. People want to have this blend in their cupboard as it is also very good on chicken and is known to be a secret weapon in every sauce on meat.

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