Bezt on Fish Spice Blend

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In the Bezt á fiskinn (fish) there are only quality spices. They are parsley, lemon pepper, paprika, salt, garlic and some more spices in smaller portions.

Where is “Bezt á fiskinn” from?

The fish spice blend took a long time to develop. There was quite time spent on this blend before Stefán was perfectly happy with it and like before neighbours, friends and family had been asking for this blend for use in their own kitchens as he worked him self through to the final version. Late in 2005 the couple decided that the opportunity was there and the blend was put on the market in the very beginning of the year 2006. The greatest admirers of the fish blend say that that it‘s the mostly underestimated blend of them all because it is so great on so many dishes, for example on lamb meat, grilled vegetables and on pizzas.