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Bezt on Everything Spice Blend

Bezt on Everything Spice Blend

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In the Hvítlauksblanda – Bezt á flest (suitable for almost anything) there are only quality spices. They are garlic pepper, lemon pepper, paprika and salt.

Where does Hvítlauksblanda – Bezt á flest come from?

Family and friends of the man with the spice nose love to try something new and that's how the new blend came up. Also many people contacted us and complained about not having been able to buy any really good garlic spice blend trough the years. People have made jokes about this unbelievable interest Stefán has in spices and how he has used his amazing nose to come up with so many good spice blends. They also joked about when he would bring to the marked the ultimate blend that you can use on everything? And believe it or not – it's here. Blend number 8 in 8 years and what's best, it can be used on almost anything. Your imagination is the only limit. We had 80-100 people with us to test this new blend on lots of food and there was no problem finding volunteers for this – every one knows that what comes from Stefán is bound to be good on one way or the other. With the garlic blend every one has the opportunity to make simple food in to something really delicious and exotic. Vegetables, fish, chicken, turkey, lamb and pork become incredibly marvellous with this spice blend.

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