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Bezt on Hamburger Spice Blend

Bezt on Hamburger Spice Blend

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In the Bezt á borgarann (hamburger) there are only quality spices. They are paprika, lemon pepper, parsley, curry, coriander and some spices in smaller portions.

Where is “Bezt á borgarann” from?

Who doesn‘t know the desire for a juicy burger when no one in the house bothers to cook anything complicated? This spice blend has saved many families from spending a fortune at the fast food restaurants because kids and teens simply love this spice on hamburgers. Bezt á borgarann is always the best seller during the summer as Icelanders use their outdoor barbeque frequently and know nothing better than throwing a good burger on the grill. The blend is also famous for being good on omilets and in all dishes that include minced beef.

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