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Bezt on Chicken Spice Blend

Bezt on Chicken Spice Blend

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In the Bezt á kjúklinginn (chicken) there are only quality spices. They are paprika, lemon pepper, garlic, oregano, curry, parsley, coriander, little bit of salt (comes with the lemon pepper) and some more spices in smaller portions.

After the break through of Bezt á lambid the summer of 2005 Stefán and Hjördíðs decided to give consumers the opportunity to enjoy the spice blend they had used for chicken for some time. After having 100 people try it out in their kitchens it was clear that this blend was also a good one and as likely to be popular as the first one.  Bezt á kjúklinginn has one the year basis been the most sold spice blend from the first day on market and no wonder as Icelanders are very fond of chicken meat and eat a lot of it. Chicken meat is often cheap in stores and is easy to cook in many ways. Bezt á kjúklinginn is often used on various other dishes, for example on vegetable dishes, on oven baked potatoes and on fish dishes.

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